well labelled diagram of Electron transport system

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 The diagram is given below. Here the mobile electron carriers are coenzyme Q and cytochrome C.
Complex 1 has flavin mononucleotide (FMN) and numerous ferrous sulphate centers. Complex 1 transfers electrons from NADH to Coenzyme Q. For each NADH 4 protons will be pumped into the intermembrane space. Complex 3 has one FeS centre and three cytochrome centres. It accepts electrons from reduced coenzyme Q and transports them to the Cytochrome C. Complex 4 is also known as cytochrome C oxidase. It accepts electron from reduced cytochrome C and transports it to the oxygen reducing it into water. It has two cytochromes and one copper centre. It translocates 2 protons into the intermembrane space. It also consumes 2 protons from matrix generating water molecule. 

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