what are choanocycles or collar cells?

Choanocytes or collar cells are cells which line the spongocoel and the canals of sponges. These cells are flagellated cells surrounded by a collar. Movement of flagella help in creating water flow from ostia to osculum through spongocoel. This is the characteristic feature of the kingdom Porifera.
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Choanocytes (also known as "collar cells") are cells that line the interior of Asconoid, syconoid and leuconoid body type sponges that contain a central flagellum surrounded by a collar of microvilli which are connected by a thin membrane. It is the closest family member to the free-living ancestor called choanoflagellate. The flagellae beat regularly, creating a water flow across the microvilli which can then filter nutrients and other food from the water taken from the collar of the sponge. Food particles are then phagocytosed by the cell.

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