what are genital chambers, spermatheca, vestibulum,, gonapophyses,   phallomeres, titillator caudal style

plz explain with examples

Genital Chamber: It is a muscular tubular tract which leads from the opening of the valva to the uterus. It is the opening of the sex organ in female. It is also known as vagina.


Spermatheca: it is an organ found in female reproductive system of insects and some other invertebrates. The function of spermatheca is to receive and store sperms from the male partners.


Vestibulum: It is a space or cavity near the entrance of another structure. For example, vestibule of vagina is the space where both urethra and vagina opens.


Gonapophyses: It is an organ present near the anus of female insects which helps in copulation, formation of ootheca and oviposition.


Phallomeres: It is the gonapopyses of male insect which helps in copulation. Usually there are three pairs of phallomeres in cockroach.


Titillator: It is the organ present in insects that helps in stimulation at the time of copulation.


Caudal style: It is a pair of appendages found in the anal portion of primitive crustaceans. It may be blade shaped or rod shaped.



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