what are the differences between pathogens and vectors.give 2 examples...plzz reply fast

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Pathogens are microorganisms that cause diseases in humans, animals and plants. It can be bacteria, virus, fungi or protozoa. 

 For example, Plasmodium vivax, polio virus etc.

A vector is an organism who passes pathogen or disease form infected person to healthy person without getting sick. This mostly includes insects. For example, mosquito, tick etc.

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 Pathogen: An organism which causes disease. 
Ex. Plasmodium vivax - causes malaria

Vector: An organism which carries the pathogen from one human to another. 
Ex. Female Anopheles mosquito carries plasmodium vivax from one human to another.

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 ineed one more difference....can u plzzz help???

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one more difference is-

Any agent that is capable of causing a disease is called as a pathogen. 
Vector is a DNA molecule carrying the gene of interest from one bacteria to the other to form a transformed cell.

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