What are the major topics of electrochemistry that can be asked in Chemistry Board Exam..

I mean.. right now it is no point studying this chapter from scratch.. there is?

What all should be studied in Electrochemistry for Chemistry Board?


Following are the important topics in electrochemistry

1) Electrolytic conductance and electronic conductance

2) Conductivity and molar conductivity

3) Variation of conductivity and molar conductivity with concentration

4) Kohlrausch law of independent migration

5) Daniell cell and electrolytic cell

6) Faraday's laws of electrolysis

7) SHE and measurement of E0cell

8) Nernst equation

9) Relation between E0cell and equilibrium constant and thermodynamical aspect (ΔG)

10) Working of Lechlanche cell, lead storage battery and fuel cell

11) Corrosion

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nernst equation 

electrode potential

molar and equvalent conductivity

faradays law

lead cell

fuel cell

mercury cell etc

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