what are the Measures taken if the emitted gases are above the permissible limits ?

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what gases plz write in detail

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each gas emitted from pollution are: 
nitrogen oxides-5% 
fine particulate matter 1% 
voc(volatile organic compounds like chloroflourocarbon)-2% 
carbon monoxide-0.3% 
sulphur dioxide-8% 
air toxics: 
coolants like ozone(o3)-3% 


these r the the permissible levels of these gases now ananya tel me what r the measures taken if the emitted gases are above the permissible limits?????????????

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 now plz tel me........... it's argent plz help me finding out plzzzzzzzz  :(    :(   :(   :(  :(  plz 

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I think u know mansi that all vehicles need to have them checked that they donot exceed the permissible limits and if they exceed them then they r not allowed to drive on road and traffic police check that pollution card

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Some of theharmfulgases which are rising in theatmosphereand are major cause of atmosphericpollutionare (in no particular order):

  1. Carbon monoxide (from incomplete combustion of fuels... no choice, toxic to breathe),
  2. Sulfur dioxideandnitrogen oxide(from industrial and vehicular exhaust, causes of acid rain, irritates air passages),
  3. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs, refrigerant discharges, causes destruction of the ozone layer),
  4. Mercury emissions (fromindustries,fluorescent lampsand the burning of coal, potentially toxic),
  5. Carbon dioxide (fossil fuel burning and greenhouse gas),
  6. Methane gas(cow farming, landfill emissions and natural sources, greenhouse gas),
  7. Volatile organic compounds(from fuel vapors, solvent, paint, etc. Really includes methane too),
  8. Ozone (which is bad at low altitudes and does not survive to replenish thehigh altitudeozone layer which protects us from UV light)
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Measurs taken if emitted gases r above permissible levels

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The main emitted gases that causes air poluution are 
1. carbon monoxide ----the accepted max allowable concentration for occupational exposure is 50 ppm for 8 hours 
the pollution due to CO is controlled as follows
i) the carburetter is adjusted as to ensure prooper air fuel ratio. the excess air presence makes complete combustion of fuel in car engines .
ii) exhaust sysstem is equipped with catalytic converter whih converts CO into harmless products 
iii) fuel such as CNG , LNG  which release minimum qnty of pollutants on combustion are aadvised to be used in place of gasoline 

2) SO2 gas :controll of SO2 pollutants  can be done in following manners 
i) by use of low sulphur content fuels such as natural gas or sulphur free fuels ii) by removal of oxides of sulphur from flue gases by using chemical scrubber like limestone , the reactioncan be represented as
CaCO3 + SO2 ----> CaSO3 + CO2  etc. 
iii) by using alternate sources of energy such as hydroelectric power plants or nuclear power plants insteaad of thermal power plants

3) oxides of nitrogen : it can be  controlled by the following method 
 catalytic converters are used in automobiles which converts the vehicular exhaust to free nitrogen gas and traces of ammonia
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