what are the uses of plaster of paris/??????????

Plaster of Paris is chemically calcium sulphate hemihydrate, and has the chemical formula CaSO4.1/2H2O. Its uses are as follows

1) It is used in making toys, materials for decoration and for making smooth surfaces.

2) It is used in surgical bandages by doctors for supporting fractured bones in the right position.

3) It is used in making casts of statues, moulds for pottery and ceramics. It is also used in building material. 

4) It is used in dentistry. 

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making decoration items,levelling surface,supporting broken bones,etc....

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When hydrated calcium sulphate (CaSO4.2H2O) or gypsum is heated at 373K, it loses its water molecules and forms calcium sulphate hemihydrate ().This hemihydrated form of calcium sulphate is known as Plaster of Paris.It is in the form of a white powder.

When the powder of Plaster of Paris is mixed with water, it becomes hard and solid gypsum. Plaster of Paris is generally used to support fractured bones in their correct positions.

Plaster of Paris is used for making toys, materials for decoration, and for making smooth surfaces.

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  • Plaster may also be used to create complex detailing for use in room interiors.
  • Plaster may be cast directly into a damp clay mold.
  • Plaster is widely used as a support for broken bones; a bandage impregnated with plaster is moistened and then wrapped around the damaged limb, setting into a close-fitting yet easily removed tube, known as anorthopedic cast.
  • Plaster is also used within radiotherapy when makingimmobilization castsfor patients.
  • In dentistry, plaster is used for mounting casts or models of oral tissues.
  • Plasters have been in use inpassive fire protection, asfireproofingproducts, for many decades.
  • It is used in glass making,tanning,bleaching powder making and purification of sugar.
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laster of Parisis a sculpting material with a variety of decorative and practical applications. Inexpensive and quick to mix, you can use it to make castings, molds, sculptures and home décor objects. Bead, stones and other embellishments can be impressed into the plaster during the damp phase and even very fine detail can be recorded. A plaster of Paris piece is delicate enough to chip and is not waterproof, so choose a project that will be kept on a shelf or other safe place.

CastingsSculpturesDecorative Objects

Planters and masks are examples ofdecorative itemsthat can be made with plaster of Paris. Common household objects -- such as a bowl or a coffee can -- may be used as a mold. To make a planter, coat the inside of a large bowl and the outside of a smaller bowl with a release agent. Mix and pour the plaster of Paris into the larger bowl. Insert thin dowels that are also coated with a release agent into the center of the wet plaster to create water outlets for the plants. Place the smaller bowl on top of the plaster in the larger bowl. Let the plaster set up for an hour, and then remove the molds and the dowels. After 24 hours, decorate the planter as you like.

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