what do you mean by bone is porous and cartilage is non-porous and has widely shaped cells?

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Bones are porous because of their structure. Porous means containing pores.The bone matrix, which is made up of collagen fibres and mineral content hydroxyapetite provides it a porous structure. Bones with high mineral content have low porosity, and it provides higher stiffness,  example-Cortical bones. On the other hand, bones with low mineral content have high porosity,and provides lower stiffness, example- Trabecular bones.
Through ageing some bone cells begin to dissolve bone matrix (resorption), while new bone cells deposit osteoid (formation) in a process called remodelling.

Cartilage is a type connective tissue that consists of a dense matrix of collagen fibres elastic fibres and collagen fibres embedded in a ground substance which is rubbery in nature. The matrix is produced by special type of cells called chondroblasts. They get embedded in the matrix as chondrocytes.

The cartilage is present to provide support, flexibility and rigidity. while bone is present to provide structural support to various organs, attachment to muscles in the body and stiffness to the skeletal structure.


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