What do you think should be the role of government to protect consumers

1.  The Indian government plays a vital role by enacting the Consumer Protection Act 1986, popularly known as COPRA.

2.  The enactment of COPRA has led to the setting up of separate departments of Consumer Affairs in central and state governments.

3.  The Government imposed certification marks such as ISI mark for industrial products, AGMARK for agricultural products, etc., that ensure product quality.

4.  The organisations that monitor and issue these certificates allow producers to use their logos provided they follow certain quality standards.

5.  In October 2005, the Government of India enacted a law, popularly known as RTI (Right to Information) Act, which ensures its citizens all the information about the functions of government departments.

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1. ENACTMENT OF COPRA:- Consumer Potection Act guarantees the consumer rights.

2. PUBLICITY:- Publicity of the consumer rights is done through the advertisements like 'Jago Grahak Jago'

3.STANDARDISATION AND QUALITY CONTROL:- It is done by the bureau of Indian Standards .eg - ISI,AGMARK, Hallmark, etc

4. FAIR PRICE SHOPS:- the TPDS aims at establishing fair price shops.

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