What do you understand of the character of Mrs Croft from the story?

Mrs. Croft, as seen in the beginning of the chapter, is very commanding with an authoritative tone in his voice. She could be interpreted as a hypocrite when she asked the author as to whether he was a Harvard or a Tech, depending on which she would be renting out her flat. She was very firm when it came to following instructions. She was a very orthodox lady whose ideals were very strong and needed to be followed without any questions. However, with passage of time, more of her character was revealed. She just seemed hard from outside but was a soft person from within. She was an old lady who was a little bit forgetful. She was strict when it came to not allowing any lady visitors at her place although the author didn't fail to mention that he was a married man. With passage of time, her character moulded which appealed and made the author develop an affection for her. She was grateful and kind as per the demand of the situation. Mrs. Croft also seemed vulnerable at times, especially, after the author came to know that she was one hundred and three years old. Overall, there are various shades of light which can be thrown while drawing her character sketch.

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