what does " Petiole Holds the leaf base to light" mean? does it mean it helps to face sunlightis leaf base nd blade same? as in d book its gvn as blade instead of leaf base.

in d nxt line it shud b bringing nd not ringing.

there are a lot of mistakes in phyllotaxy as well. eg: in d table it should b types of phyllotaxy nd not venation......

Hi Princess,

 Yes you are right, it is leaf blade not leaf base.

‘Petiole holds the leaf blade to light’ means petiole help the leaf lamina or blade to lie in horizontal position  facing towards sunlight not droop down.

 No leaf base and leaf blade are different. Leaf base is the part of leaf which attaches leaf to base of stem. Leaf blade is also called leaf lamina, the green expanded part with midrib and veins.

We appreciate you for  bringing the errors to our notice. The said mistakes  will be corrected and updated very soon. We shall most definitely try and ensure that such errors do not occur in the future.

We regret the inconvenience caused by this lapse on our part. Your feedback

and suggestions are extremely valuable to us.

All the best!


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thnk u mam

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