What does this mean "Consider the combustion of pentane which produces carbon dioxide on complete combustion and carbon monoxide on incomplete combustion.


According to this equation,?72g of pentane requires 256g (8x32) of oxygen for complete combustion, producing 220g (5x44) carbon dioxide and 108g (6x18) of water. However, if the amount of oxygen available is less than that required it will result in incomplete combustion as evident form the following reaction:
This equation shows that incomplete combustion of pentane occurs when 144g (2x72) of pentane is burnt with 352g (11x32) of oxygen forming 280g (10x28) of carbon monoxide and 216g (12x18) of water."

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Complete combustion means burning in excess of air (excess of air means there is more than enough oxygen to turn all the carbon into carbon dioxide.)

When burning occurs in lack of oxygen, it is called incomplete combustion.
Due to insufficient oxygen (air) supply, carbon is not converted into carbon dioxide completely. in this case, carbon monoxide or soot (carbon) is also formed, which is a serious health and environment hazard.


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