What happens inside a cocoon? From where does the pupa get nutrition inside the cocoon ??

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The life cycle of butterfly is divided into four stages: Egg, Larvae, Pupa and Adult butterfly.

The turning of larvae (caterpillar ) into Pupa is known as Chrysalis or formation of Cocoon. The caterpillar develops a coating of proteins outside its body and forms the structure called as cocoon. Inside it, the caterpillar starts to release digestive enzymes to disintegrate all of its tissues except Imaginal discs. These discs are group of cells which will develop into different body parts of adult butterfly such as wings, antennae, body, legs, genitals etc. These cells grow in number and due to the process of metamorphism, develops into their specific adult body parts.

The larvae or caterpillar eats leaves and flowers in its stage and grow very fast. They store energy and protein for the process for later stages of development. In this way, they get their nutrition.

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