what is accommodation of social diversity ??????????????????

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Accommodation of Social Diversity

Democracy tries to help its citizens to lead a

peaceful and harmonious life by

accommodating various social divisions.

Example :- Belgium and India. Democratic

governments try to resolve differences, respect

differences and try

mechanisms which can


social differences, divisions and reduce

conflicts. Non-democratic regimes can ignore

or suppress internal and social differences.

Precaution is needed to see that the majority

always works with the minority and does not try

to dominate it. Sri Lanka is an example.

plus point is : Ability to handle


groups participate in decision-making. It does

not mean the rule of the majority community —

a religious, racial or linguistic group.

rule means different people, different

No one

majority group on the basis of birth. Every

citizen should have a chance to be in a majority

at some time. thumbs up plzz

should be barred from being in a

negotiate differences.

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