What is Algebra? What would be the expression in the given situation: Mohan is 3 years younger than his brother Rahim, but, Mohan is 2 years older than Renu.
Consider the age of Rahim as 'n' and Renu as 'm'.

Hi Shreya, alegebra is nothing but a branch of mathematics where we deal with alphabets just like dealing with numerals. Now what is the successor of 23? It is 24. Successor of 56? 57 is your answer. That is right.
Now successor to a? You would deny that "a" is not at all a number in your number line. But if a is considered as number, what will be its successor? Almost all of us would say "b" is the successor. No It is wrong. Why?
To get a successor we have added 1 to the number. Right? 23 added with 1 gives 24. 56 after adding 1 we got 57
Same way we have to add 1 with a. So a + 1 is the successor to a. Same way predecessor of 4 is 3. That of 27 is 26. Predecessor of 68 is 67. Hence predecessor of a is a - 1
Now Rahim's age is "n". So Mohan's age, being younger by 3 years, will be n - 3
Renu's age is "m". Now Mohan's age, being older by 2 years, will be m+2.

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algebra is a concept of linear equations and variables.
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Algebra is basically calculation of a certain number which is unknown along with another variable.
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Algebra is a concept of linear andequations
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