what is difference between mountain and plateau?

A mountain is a natural elevation of the earth's surface

Plateaus are elevated flat land. it is flat table topped land standing above the surrounding area.
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Mountains are bigger than plateau and is having very big peak in the up.Plateaus are smaller than mountains and have plain surface in the up.These are the differences between mountains and plateaus.
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mountains are usually high land areas about 600 m above the surrounding land
plateaus are comparetively level high expanses of land
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1. A mountain is any natural elevation of the Earth's surface. It is considerably higher than the surroundings.
2. Mountains have peaks.

1. A plateau is an elevated flat land. It is a flat-topped table land standing above the surrounding area. 
2. Plateaus are flattened highlands.
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A?hill?is a?landform?that extends above the surrounding terrain. Hills often have a distinct?summit, although in areas withscarp/dip topography?a?hill?may refer to a particular section of flat terrain without a massive summit (e.g.?Box Hill, Surrey).

A?plateau, also called a?high plateau?ortableland, is an area of highland, usually consisting of relatively flat terrain. A highly eroded plateau is called a dissected plateau. A volcanic plateau is a plateau produced by volcanic activity.
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This is the answer

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Mountains are bigger.plateaus are artificial and formed by glaciers,ice,rivers etc.
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