what is differences between unisexual flowers and bisexual flowers?

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 Bisexual or perfect flowers have both male (androecium) and female (gynoecium) reproductive structures, including stamens, carpels, and an ovary. Flowers that contain both androecium and gynoecium are called androgynous or hermaphroditic. Examples of plants with perfect or bisexual flowers include the lily, rose, and most plants with large showy flowers, though a perfect flower does not have to have petals or sepals. Other terms widely used are hermaphrodite, monoclinous, and synoecious. A complete flower is a perfect flower with petals and sepals.

Unisexual: Reproductive structure that is either functionally male or functionally female. In angiosperms this condition is also called diclinous, imperfect, or incomplete.
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Unisexual - just divide this word into two UNI-SEXUAL , uni means one or single and sexual means gender such as male or female so it can be defined as unisexual flowers only have a single reproductive body either of a male or a female and some examples are papaya, watermelon ,etc

Bisexual - again divide this word into two BI-SEXUAL , bi meaning two of a kind and sexual is gender hence it can be defined as bisexual flowers are the flowers which have both male and femal reprodutive bodies but are placed differently some examples are lily rose ,etc

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 what is unisexual flowers

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 Unisexual Flowers means a flower having only male or female part.

Bisexual Flowers mean a flower having both male and female part.

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