what is green house effect?

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The earth is surrounded by a layer of gases such as ozone, sulphur dioxide, etc. These gases are called greenhouse gases. They trap some of the heat of the sun, and thus keep the earth warm. They are responsible for sustaining life on the earth. This is called the greenhouse effect.

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Some of the infra red radiation from the earth passes through the atmosphere but most of it is absorbed and re emmited in all directions by green house gas molecules and clouds......

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the redians of sun will enter and reflect back butgreen house effect is the effect where the redians of the sun rays are traped by the carbondioxyde this is known as green house effect.

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due to this there is threat in rise of increase in earth's tempreture because it allow sun radition to trap in but are not allowed to go out.

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Greenhouse effect may lead to GLOBAL WARMING, i.e., an overall increase in the average temperature of the Earth. Greenhouse effect is caused by greenhouse gases. Examples of greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapour. When solar radiations reach the Earth, some of these radiations are absorbed by earth and then released back to the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere trap these radiations and do not allow heat to leave. This helps in keeping our planet warm and thus, helps in human survival. However, an indiscriminate increase in the amount of greenhouse gases can lead to excessive increase in the Earths temperature leading to global warming.

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