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The acetylene (C2H2) has sp-hybridization and it is explained as the two carbon atoms undergo mixing of one s and one p-orbitals to form two sp-hybridized orbitals and the sp-hybridized orbital of the C-atoms make a C-C sigma bond while the other sp-hybrid orbital of each C-atom overlaps with the s-orbital of one H-atom to form a C-H sigma bond.

Now, the two p-orbitals of each C-atom remained free , which undergo sideways overlapping and forms two C-C pi bonds so that the C-and C atoms have three bonds and it is considered as teh first member of alkyne groups.

The hybridization is represented as:

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C2H2 (acetylene) both carbon undergoes sp hybridisation... one sp orbital of carbon axially overlaps with other sp orbital and forms sigma sp-sp... two sp orbitals of carbon bonds with 1 s orbitals of two hydrogen atom thus forms sigma sp-s bond......And forms linear shape and sp hybridisation

Ethene is represented as:

The molecule is built from H atom (1s1) and carbon atom ( 1s22s22p1x2p1y2p1z)

In valence shell carbon has only two unpaired electrons which are not enough for formation of 4 bonds. Thus in carbon an electron is promoted from 2s orbital to empty 2p orbital to give 4 unpaired electrons.

Carbon is now in its excited state.

In ethane molecule carbon use the 2s electron and two of the 2p electrons to form new threesp2hybridorbital.The three sp2orbitals form sigma bond with two hydrogen atoms and one carbon atom. The unhybridised 2p orbitals of both the carbon form pi bonds.

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