What is mean by interveinal chlorosis, mottled chlorosis and necrosis?

u mst b knwing chlorosis is yellowing of leaves due to insufficient chlorophyll.. it's of many types u asked about interveinal chlorosis and mottled chlorosis

1.interveinal chlorosis is the yellowing of leaves between the veins ( which includes the vascular bundles) and the veins of the green portion i mean the unaffected area.. or simply chlorosis in the interveinal regions of the leaves is called interveinal chlorosis

2. mottled chlorosis is yellowing of the leaves and some dark green coloured patches develop on the surface of leaves mainly due to deficiency of phosphorus and molybdenum..

3. Necrosis is simply death of cells or tissues in the regions of leaves or stems due to which the affected area looses its colour i.e it becomes decoloured, usually occurs after chlorosis .. mainly due to deficieny of Ca, Mg , Cu , K

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