What is mean by Spermlysin ??????????

sperm lysins are some of the enzymes secreted by the sperm head when it encounters with the ovum to be fertilised.

hyluronidase is one such enzyme which is used by the sperm to dissolve the outer layers of the ovum like corona radiata and zona pellucida in order to fuse with it resulting in the formation of the zygote.

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One of the three glycol proteins (ZP3), functions as a sperm receptor and binds to a complementary molecule on the surface of the sperm head. Binding of the sperm head to the receptor molecule ZP3 induces the acrosome of the sperm to release its hydrolytic enzymes (sperm lysins). The sperm lysins include (i) Hyaluronidase, that hydrolyses hyaluronic acid of the follicular cells. (ii) Corona penetrating enzyme dissolves corona radiata portion around these condary oocyte by hydrolyzing their ground substances. (iii) Zona lysine or across in that helps to digest zona pellucida. All these enzymes dissolve the corona radiata and zona pellucida and enable the sperm to reach the plasma membrane of the egg. The above changes in the head of sperm are called acrosome reaction.
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Sperm lysine is the acrosomal secretion which help the head part of sperm to penetrative inside the egg breaking it's membrane zonal pellucida and coronary radiate... To fuse with the egg
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