what is meant by notochord? what is its function?

Notochord is a long flexible rod like structure present in all chordates. It is present in the embryo of all chordates and also in some adult chordates. The main function of notochord is to support the body. As the embryo grows it becomes a part of the true backbone or vertebral column. Also, notochord is involved in the development of nervous system.

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To provide structural integrity.
A non-rigid support, where the flexibility is part of notochord's  function...

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* there is a development in each organisms. like that even fishes were developed.but in some kind of species, some features have stopped in between. this can be said in protochordata. in this they posses notochord which refers to the backbone of animal.if you check a fish, it will have small spines in it bone.whereas in those fishes the back bone is just a single rod. no spicules.just a single piece.that primitive backbone is considered to be NOTOCHORD. *

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  hope  dis  helps  you.....:):)

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 notochord is a long rod like structure that runs along  the back of the animals separating the nerve tissue from gut.....

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