What is Mutually Exlusive Event & Exhaustive Events ? Explain with example.

Let E1,E2....En be subsets of the sample space 'S' then, E1,E2.........En are said to be mutually exclusive and exhaustive if:

1) Ei intersection Ej = 0 or Phi        (Ei and Ej are two Separate Events)
2) E1UE2U..........UEn = S

Consider a pack of 52 cards
Let E​1,E2,E3,E4 be the event of drawing a club, a spade, a diamond and a heart
If the intersection of any two events are taken , we see that there is nothing in common and hence condition 1) is satisfied
Taking E1UE2UE3UE4 we get the whole deck of cards which is the Sample space and ​condition 2) is satisfied
Therefore E1,E2,E3,E4 are Mutually Exclusive and Exhaustive Events

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