What is Parliament ?Why do we need parliament?

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In present day governmental issues and history, a parliament is an authoritative assemblage of government. For the most part, an advanced parliament has three capacities: addressing the electorate, making laws, and regulating the public authority through hearings and requests. The term is like the possibility of a senate, assembly or congress, and is normally utilized in nations that are current or previous governments, a type of government with a ruler as the head. 
The parliament's primary capacity, as without a doubt the authoritative position, is to fabricate reasonable and solid laws identifying with all principle association matters or matters counted in the association list. The individuals from either house bring recommendations for new bills and laws before the parliament. 

we need a parliament to guarantee that you have the right to speak freely of discourse, developments and affiliation, and to guarantee that there is no abuse of power by chose pioneers as constitution depict their forces and limits to choose the public government to control manage , and educate the public authority for making laws. Reasons in points as follows:
a) It is the last expert for making new laws in the country and changing and abrogating existing laws. 
b) Parliament controls the chief organ of the public authority. The political leader can't work without having the command from the Parliament. 
c) Parliament controls the accounts of the public authority.


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