What is photoperiodic and give the classification

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The photoperiodism can be defined as the sum total of all the physiological responses of plant with respect to duration of light received by plant.It is dependent on the photoperiod , that is the amount of day light received by plant.Thus, the flowering and other developmental processes of plant are regulated with respect to photoperiod.

Classification of plants on the basis of photoperiod:

1. Long Day Plants(LDP)-They require more day light of about 14-16 hrs.
eg. Spinach, radish etc.
2.Short Day Plants(SDP)- They require less duration of day light of about 8 to 10 hours.
Eg.Soyabean, tobacco
3.Day neutral plants(DNP)-They are not affected by critical duration of light.They are neutral to the length of day and night.
Eg.Tomatoes, rose.

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