what is sublimate? explain with example ?

Thee substance which undergoes the process of sublimation is called Sublimate. Naphthalene, an organic compound commonly found in pesticide such as mothball also sublimes. It sublimes easily because it is made of non-polar molecules that are held together only by intermolecular forces. Naphthalene is a solid that sublimes at standard atmospheric temperature with the sublimation point at around 80˚C.

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Sublimation is a type of phase transition, or a change in a state of matter, just like melting, freezing, and evaporation. Through sublimation, a substance changes from a solid to a gas without ever passing through a liquid phase. Dry ice, solid CO2, provides a common example of sublimation.
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The change in the state of matter from its solid state to directly to its liquid state under he specific condition of temperature and pressure is called sublimation .
The change of ammonium chloride into gas and solidifying at the edges of the inverted funnel mixed with NaCl .
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