what is the difference between coal and petroleum ? 

Coal--It is one of Fossil fuel,it is used to produce energy for cooking food,to produce energy and in various industries.....

Petroleum--It is dark oily liquid. It has unpleasent ordour

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Petroleum--It has unpleasent ordor and is a mixture of various constituents such as petroleum gas,petrol lubricant oil,paraffin wax,diesel

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Coal is the dead remains of decayed plants whereas petroleum is the dead remains of decayed plants and animals
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Coal is solid , petrol is lequid in nature. Coal is carbon but petrol is hydro carbon
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Coal is a fuel which is hard and use for cooking and steam engine while petroleum have a odour unpleasant smell and is a mixture of various constiuent such as petrol and diesel
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Coal is formed by the remains of dead and decayed plants, while Petroleum is formed by the remains of dead and decayed animals and plants
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COAL: Coal forms in swampy areas as the result of the decay of plants in the absence of oxygen. Biochemical changes produced by bacteria release oxygen and hydrogen and concentrate carbon. Coal goes through several changes during formation. With increased pressure and time, impurities and moisture are removed. In swamps where coal forms, other sediment, such as sand, clay, and silt, also is deposited. The weight of the sediment compresses the underlying organic matter. During this process, moisture and other materials are squeezed out, leaving a high carbon concentration.

OIL: Petroleum, or crude oil, and natural gas are important hydrocarbons that are found in nature within pores and fractures of rocks. Oil and gas form over millions of years as the result of the decay of marine organisms. These organisms die and collect on the ocean floor. Sediments such as clay and mud are deposited above these organisms. During burial and compaction, the organic matter becomes heated. Hydrocarbons are formed and are forced out of the source rock into permeable beds such as sandstone.

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coal is formed by vegetation .
petroleum is formed by remains of sea organisms .
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Coal is made up of tree and petroleum is made up of dead animal that lived in sea
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coal is solid , petroleum is liquid .
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Coal is reminding dead of plant and petroleum is reminding of dead animal
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1 Coal is one of the fuel used to cook food
2 Coal is a black substance
1 petroleum is liquid substance
2. Petroleum are obtained from a natural resources called petroleum
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1. Coal is a power resource, fossil fuel and fund resource.

2. Coal used directly in industries and indirectly for pro­duction of thermal power.

3. Different by-products of coal are used in various in­dustries.

4. As a power resource, use of coal is decreasing.

5. Per unit heat and electricity generation from coal is less.

6. As coal hard and bulky, transport cost is high.

7. Cost of coal is less.

8. Extraction cost of coal is higher.

9. Probability of accident, during extraction of coal is more.

10. Coal emits smoke, ash and gas; pollutes environment.

11. For domestic lighting and room heating, coal is less used now.

12. Use of coal in railway and ship engines are decreas­ing.

13. Around coal mines host of industries developed. In­dustrial regions develop.

14. Nowadays, coal is less important in international trade.

15. Coal seldom influences world politics.


1. Petroleum is a power resource, fossil fuel and fund re­source.

2. Petroleum is also used directly for industries and indirectly for electricity generation.

3. Various by-products of crude oil are used in industries as ­raw materials.

4. Use of crude oil is increasing.

5. Per unit heat and electricity generation is much higher than coal.

6. Petroleum is less bulky and liquid—thus transportation is easier.

7. Cost of Petroleum is high.

8. Extraction cost of Petroleum is less.

9. Except fire hazard, less dangerous.

10. Petroleum emits less smoke and impurities.

11. For home lighting, use of kerosene is more.

12. Use of petroleum and diesel in rail, road and aviation is increasing.

13. Around petroleum fields mostly petro-chem industries develop.

14. Petroleum is highly important in international trade.

15. Petroleum is a strategic fuel and highly sensitive issue in interna­tional politics.

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Coal is made up of complex compounds of hydrogen,carbon and oxygen along with some free compounds of carbon ,nitrogen and sulphur.
It is a complex mixture of many hydrocarbons,water,salt,earth particles and other compounds of carbon,oxygen,nitrogen and sulphur.

Coal is formed after the decomposition of dead and decaying vegetation under high pressure and temperature over a million of years.
Petroleum is found in the earth's interiors formed by the a?cumulation of decomposition and deposition of sea organisms under high temperature and pressure in the absence of air.

Hope your doubt gets clarified.
Navya Nawal
Class 8-Mahadevi Birla World Academy
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The coal is make a tree and
The petroleum is make dead animal
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coal is found in solid form and the petroleum is found in liquid form
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Coal solid and petroleum is liquid
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