what is the difference between leaf and leaflets?

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The basic difference between a leaf and leaflet is that axillary buds are found in the axils of leaves but not in the axils of leaflets and leaves extend from the stem in various planes while the leaflets of a given leaf all lie in the same plane. So you can tell the difference between a compound leaf’s leaflet and a simple leaf by checking where the leaf attaches to the stem or not.  
When a leaf falls, its leaflets usually fall together connected.
Remove a leaf, if there's no bud at its base, then its a leaflet not a leaf. 

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A leaf is a common organ of any plant. There are two main types of leaves: a simple leaf and a compound leaf. A simple leaf is the standard common leaf that grows on a branch or a stem. A leaflet refers to a small leaf or a leaf-like part of a compound leaf.
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