what is the difference between LHC and antennae? are they same?

Light harvesting complex (LHC) and antenna are same. Light harvesting system or antennae pigments help the plants to capture more light and transfer it to Photosystem I and Photosystem II.

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An antenna is a transducer that converts radio frequency electric current to electromagnetic waves that are then radiated into space. The electric field or "E" plane determines the polarization or orientation of the radio wave. In general, most antennas radiate either linear or circular polarization.

The polarization of each antenna in a system should be properly aligned. Maximum signal strength between transmitting and receiving end occurs when both ends use identical polarization. In a circular polarized antenna, the plane of polarization rotates in a circle making one complete revolution during one period of the wave. If the rotation is clockwise looking in the direction of propagation, the sense is called right-hand-circular (RHC). If the rotation is counterclockwise, the sense is called left-hand-circular (LHC).

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