what is the difference between moderates,extremists and revolutionaries? please tell any 8 differences. pardon if i disturbed you?

The differences between the 'moderates', the 'extremists' and the revolutionaries were as below:

1. The moderates had faith in gradual reforms. The extremists believed that the swaraj is their birth right and revolutionaries aimed in bringing change by applying revolutionary methods.

2. The moderates believed in adopting constitutional methods to achieve their objective.They had full faith in British sense of justice .Extremists believed in non-cooperation and adopted method of boycott against foreign goods and propagation of swadeshi.Revolutionaries used arms and ammunition as their weapons to fight against the British. They formed secret societies.

3.The moderates believed that the British could be persuaded to see the justness of their demands but on the other hand, the nationalists were of the view that the demands could be realised only by putting pressure on the British Government.But the revolutionaries killed British officials and destroyed British offices.

Moderates insisted on limiting the movement to urban based middle class intelligentsia whereas extremists believed in involving the masses for effective political action.But the action of the revolutionaries were limited to them.

5.Moderates lost popularity among the masses because of their loyalty and faith in British administration and no change in the existing condition.Extremists became popular and succeeded in mobilising masses and generate mass movement. Revolutionaries 
could not mobilise the masses. In fact, it had no base among the people. They believed in individual heroism. The revolutionaries could not function under a central control and mostly worked in isolated groups.

6. Moderates were modest and submissive. Extremists were aggressive and demanded change and revolutionaries were terrorists applying force.

 The policies of the moderates were formed on the belief that the British rule could be reformed from within. But British action regarding political and economic questions gradually undermined this belief. Some people began to realise the futility of the ideology and techniques of the moderates and formed the extremist group. They declared in a clear cut manner that ‘swaraj’ or self-rule was the goal of the national movement. The repressive measures of the government, and the frustration caused by the failure of the extremists to provide positive leadership to the people ultimately resulted in revolutionary terrorism.​

8.The moderates believed in bringing change through peace. The extremists aimed at bringing change through strike,movement,procession etc.
The revolutionaries believed that force must be met by force and, therefore, took up the cult of the bomb. A section of them believed in armed conflict against the British, with the help of Indian soldiers, and if possible, also of foreign nations not friendly to Britain.​

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