What is the difference between pectoral and pelvic fins ? please provide a diagram as well.....

Fins, the most distinct features of fish are bony spines, covered by the skin.
Difference between pelvic and pectoral fins
Pectoral fin Pelvic fin
These are two in numbers and are present on each side behind gills These are also two in number and are present on ventral side.
These correspond to the forelimbs of tetrapods. These pair of fins corresponds to the hind limbs of tetrapods
The main function is balancing and braking . In some fish like shark these are highly developed and help in creating dynamic lift that in turn aids in controlling depth The main function is up and down movement of fish in water.It also helps in turning and stopping suddenly. In some fishes pairs of pelvic fins got fused and such structure help fish to attach to an object

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