What is the difference between plasmodium causing malaria and plasmodium mentioned in slime moulds?

Plasmodium that causes malaria is different from plasmodial slime mould.
Plasmodium that causes malaria is parasitic in nature and belongs to phylum protozoa while the plasmodial slime mould was classified long back under fungi because it resembles fungi in many ways. Now it is placed under class myxogastria or myxomycetes of phylum Mycetozoa of kingdom protista. 
Plasmodium is a single cell with one nucleus while as â€‹plasmodial slime mould consists of bag of cytoplasm with thousnads of nucleus.

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plasmodium causing malaria is a parasitic protozoa whic causes malaria in human whereas the plasmodium mentioned in th slime moulds is there aggregation during there amoeboid stage . its plural form is plasmodia or pseudoplasmodium.

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