what is the difference between pure air and polluted air

Pure air is the air which contains mixture of invisible gases; mainly nitrogen and oxygen also include water vapor, argon, carbon dioxide, neon, helium and hydrogen.

Polluted air is that air which contains certain harmful gases in maximum amount like carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen etc along with other gases. 

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When contaminants are added to pure air, the air is said to be polluted.

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When contaminants get mixed in pure air it is said to be polluted air.

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uar air is free of any hamful gasses and it has no smell and the pollut air is very harmful for us and it is impurities , the pollution is the contamination of air. 

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Pure air does not contain harmful substances such as sulphur dioxide,nitrogen dioxide,dust particles etc and i fit for bresthing.

Polluted air contain harmful substances and is not fit for drinking.

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poullated air.;

  • the air is also polluted by certain human activities such as factories ,power plants , burning of fire woodand automobiles and dung cakes
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 yup Pure air is around 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and also 1% noble gases, polluted air includes gases for example sulfur dioxide as well as nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide occurs in air, however huge amounts of the gas tend to be regarded as polluting because of global warming.

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When air is in the fixed proportion then it called pure air. when it gets contaminated then it becomes polluted air.

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