What is the difference between silk and jute


  • Jute is an important plant natural fibre
  • It is recyclable and environmental friendly.
  • Obtained from plant genus Chorchorus.
  • Made of cellulose and lignin.


  • Silk is an important animal fibre.
  • Made by silkworms 
  • Made of proteins.
  • Silk is obtained by rearing silkworms known as sericulture.

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1. The process of obtaining both of them is different like obtaining silk is called sericulture.

2. There properties are different like silk absorbs more water than jute.

3. And the silk is smoother than jute.

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Though both Jute & Silk are natural fibers, main difference lays in the production of both fibers.

Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is produced from plants in the genus Corchorus, which was once classified with the family Tiliaceae. In other words Jute is a plant fiber.


1.  A fine, strong, soft, lustrous fiber produced by silkworms in making cocoons and collected to make thread and fabric.

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JUTE, is aplant fibre , from jute plant

SILK, is a animal fibre., from silk moth or silk worm

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