What is the difference between water canal system in Porifers and water vascular system in Echinoderms?

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The difference is given below:-
The water transport in porifera occurs through canal system where the body wall encloses a large cavity, water through small pores enters in the spongocoel or canals from where it goes out through the osculum. The continuous beating of flagella maintains a steady current of water through the canals to bring in food and oxygen and removes waste whereas water transport in echinoderm through vascular system or ambulacral system where tube feet are present as contractile appendages which serve for locomotion, food capture, respiration.  



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In phylum Porifera water canal system is present which absorb the water due to Pores present in body wall called Ostia.and leave water through the largest pore osculum in it Water canal system is to store and leave water.but in the Echinodermata water vascular system helps in locomotion capturing of food and respiration.
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