what is the function of microbes in soil ?

Microbes in the soil helps to break down any organic matter and migrate the nutrients back into the soil matrix. They also help in nitrification and nitrogen fixing in the bacteria.

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Soils would not exist without the complex and heterogeneous activities of microorganisms. For the third volume of Soil Biology, an international board of renowned scientists shed light on the significant role of these organisms. The following key topics are covered: Microorganisms in bioerosion, humification, mineralization and soil aggregation; Microbial energetics and microbes in biogeochemical processes such as carbon and nitrogen cycles and phosphorus bio-availability; Interactions in the mycorrhizosphere, e.g. between mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria; Impact of microbes on plant nutrient cycling and the possible effects of transgenic rhizospheres on soil fungi; Functions of microbes in specific soil compartments such as soil surface or toxic metal polluted soils; Regulation of microbial activities in functional domains that are influenced by biotic or abiotic factors; Use of marker genes and isotopes as examples for modern techniques in soil microbiology.

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Microbes which are present in soil helps to break down the organic matter and then migrate the nutrients back into the soil matrix.. These microbes also help in nitrification and nitrogen fixing in the soil.. Mny microbes live near roots and are part of the root system to transfer good elements and nutrients into plants and remove waste of other products from the roots...

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