what is the impact of using excess of fossil fuel?

  • Impact of use of excess Fossil fuels 
  • 1)They are non-renewable sources of energy and are no longer available if once used.
  • 2) Excessive use of fossil fuel cause uncontrollable threat to environment. Like acid rain, global warming ,air pollution and Ozone layer depletion. As burning of fossil fuel release all the potential constituent which causes global warming, acid rain , air pollution and ozone layer depletion.So all will be increase at high rate will badlly damage the environment.
  • 3)Excessive of Coal mining results in destruction of fertile lands.

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the natural resources will get ruined.

it is exhaustable so it takes much time to be renewed.carbondioxide is released while extracting fossil fuels.sometimes as a result of incomplete combustion carbonmonoxide is released which is a toxic gas.and etc.....

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