What is the theme of the story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’?

Modern times have proclaimed the end of arranged marriages, more and more young people are gaining financial independence which has led them to take charge of their own lives. Thus, parents are often not party to the decision of who their children are going to marry because they like to choose their partners for themselves. The practice of consulting astrologers before fixing a match has been a common practice throughout the ages to check the cosmic compatibility of the couple. Sometimes,these have also been manipulated for either party's benefit but in the story we see that this practice has become redundant as the stars cannot dictate if the couple will be able to live happily ever after with each other. More so in modern times,marriages materialize and work because of the two people involved in making it work and not due to the manipulations of an astrologer. The story actually brings to the fore how astrology has become a business and the astrologer is taken to be akin to a charlatan, reading stars just to eke out a living.

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