What is the theme of the story The Scarecrow by Satyajit ray

This story is based on the theme that the findings of a witch-doctor are not always correct. One should not take important decisions on their advice. Mriganko Babu was free from superstition .He was Famous writer. He was a rationalist.But once he happened to make a mistake . He accepted the advise of a witch-doctor and dismissed his servant on the advice of the witch doctor brought by his father. Once his watch which he had got as a wedding gift was lost. Suspicion fell on Abhiram who had served Mriganko babu's family very loyally. Mriganko babu's father brought witch-doctor to Know the thief he made in ordinary wicker tray rotate until it stopped, pointed at Abhiram the family servant. This led to his dismissed from service. Later on the watch was found in Mriganko Babu's wardrobe. So Mriganko babu decided never to consult a witch doctor.
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