what kind of life did silas lead coming to raveloe

Silas was happy in Lantern Yard. He had a friend with whom he spent most of his time, William Dane. Silas also had a fianc?e, Sarah, whom he planned to marry once their finances were in order. In their religious group, Silas, William and Sarah were always together. The problem that happened in Lantern Yard was that William betrayed Silas by accusing him of stealing from one of their cult?s elders. As Silas fell into shame, William further turned the knife by also stealing Sarah. Left with nothing, Silas has no choice but to go away to the nearby town of Raveloe. Raveloe is like a purgatory for Silas. He purposely chooses to remain alone and do his weaving work, which he uses as a form of therapy. With the exception of one instance where he came out of his isolation to employ the herbal cures that he was good for, he remained completely isolated, grieving his past, and living to accumulate money and gold. So different was Silas in Raveloe, that he even inspired fear. He detested company, and his enigmatic looks (he had huge eyes and eyebrows) made him stand out even more. The pivotal events that change Silas were the theft of his gold by Dustan and the subsequent entrance of Eppie into his life. This is where life at Raveloe really begins for Silas even years after having escaped from Lantern Yard.

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