what personal and social values do you think it to the narrator of rangas stories do you think they are worth living in a contemporary world why or why not

Dear Student

The narrator in “Ranga’s Marriage” was Shyama. He was an old man who was full of forthrightness and had great sense of humor. Shyama believed in all the traditional things. He was intelligent as well as a great manipulator. He manipulated Ranga for going into an arrange marriage with a girl called Ratna who was of only eleven years. Initially Ranga had thought not to marry a very young girl. However, Shyama makes the plan and Ranga also fell into his trap. He helped Ranga and Ratna get united after Ranga fell in love with her against his own will and notion. The narrator did it because he loved both of them. He was thus a helpful and good hearted person.  

The same values are important to us in our day to day life as we need to be loyal. 



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