what practicing should be followed to maintain sanitation at public places?

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Awareness shud b created
Posters should be pasted at places
Surveys and rallies shud be held awaring the people
Sanitation centres shud b made where one lady and one man shud stand for creating vigilNcies among people and where products shud be sold related to hygiene
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Public Hygiene and Sanitation

Use Protected  drinking water facilities 

        Protected drinking water facilities are to be provided to public in order to maintain public hygiene. If the drinking water is contaminated, it leads to the cause of water borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, hepatitis. If the water facilities are poor in such cases one should use the packaged drinking water or they can carry the water in water bottles along with them.

Use the Public toilets properly

        One of the most important practice to maintain public hygiene is use of public toilet facilities when you go to public places such as Bus stand , Railway station , Park and Beach etc. . Don’t use the open toilet for urination or defecation. After using the toilets, pour water to clean them .

Eat only the food in the protected environment
        After cooking the food , the food should be kept in a closed environment so that to avoid flies and other insects to sit on the food. When you buy food items from the shops or restaurants, you should buy the food in the protected environment . 

Wash your hands every time you come indoors.
        If you use public transport, chances are that you have come into contact with surfaces that were touched by several other people. Make sure that you wash your hands with soap.

Wash your socks.
        This is important not only for your personal health but it is also in general public interest. As you move around, your socks accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria. 

Use a cloth or tissue paper while you are sneezing or coughing
        When you are sneezing or coughing , the germs are spread on the open air and  leading infections to others. Therefore, carrying wet tissue paper or handkerchief  while you are commuting and close your mouth or nose with handkerchief or tissue paper while you are sneezing or coughing.

Treat skin infections in time.
        Skin infections, if ignored, tend to aggravate and spread all over the body and it may spread to others also.
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