what the sandy soil is used for?

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  • Agriculture: Sandy soils are ideal for crops such as watermelons, peaches, and peanuts, and their excellent drainage characteristics make them suitable for intensive dairy farming.
  • Aquaria: Sand makes a low cost aquarium base material which some believe is better than gravel for home use. It is also an absolute necessity for saltwater reef tanks, which emulate environments composed largely of aragonite sand broken down from coral and shellfish.
  • Artificial reefsGeotextile bagged sand can serve as the foundation for new reefs.
  • Beach nourishment: Governments move sand to beaches where tides, storms or deliberate changes to the shoreline erode the original sand.[3]
  • Brick: Manufacturing plants add sand to a mixture of clay and other materials for manufacturing bricks.
  • Cob: Coarse sand makes up as much as 75% of cob.
  • Mortar: Sand is mixed with cement and sometimes lime to be used in masonry construction.
  • Concrete: Sand is often a principal component of this critical construction material.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing: The drilling technique for natural gas also known as fracing use "frac sand". The rounded silica sand is used as a "proppant" a material that holds the cracks open that is caused by the hydraulic fracturing process.
  • Glass: Sand is the principal component in common glass

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