What will happen in a cell if its nucleus is removed? Give reasons in support of your answer in short.

Since the nucleus is known as "the brain of the cell", if it were removed, the cell would die almost instantly. The nucleus controls all of the cell organelles, whether it be the mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, cytoplasms, or even the nucleolus. So if the nucleus was removed, since it controls all of the organelles, the cell would die and so would the organism it is controlling.

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           If nucleus is removed then the cell would not work properly since it lack its controlling unit .  Ribosomes that produce proteins are synthesised by nucleolus and if cell lacks nuclei then the synthesis of such an important nutrient do not take place. Heriditary unit of genes  in DNA is present in nucles.Therefore without nucleus passing of hereditiary features cannot take place.Nucleus play an important role in cell division and exibits its maturity. Therefore without nucleus cell division is impossible.

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Then if the cell will not work properly lysosomes may destroy the whole cell.

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if the  nucleus of a cell is removed then the cell willdie .it is so because it is the main part of a cell

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RBCs are kept in hypotonic solution  ,what will happen to it?

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kitchen of a cell

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Nucleus is known as director of cell as it controls all the chemical activities of cell. It contain chromosomes which further possess information for inheritance to be transferred to next generation, It also play an important role in cellular reproduction Hence if we remove nucleus from the cell would fail to perform all these important functions. I hope it was useful for all of you.
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Nucleus is the control centre of the cell . If you will remove the nucleus the cell will die .
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It will die.
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yes rdbaze is correct
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it is the main or head of the cell . if it is removed the cell will die
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(1). As it not contains D.N.A.hence, it is not control transfer of hereditary characters from one generation to other generation.
(2). It is not helps in cell division.
(3). It is not helps in protein synthesis.hence, also not control growth development.
(4). It is not control all mazor cell activities.
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the kids right
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I think it is very difficult to imagine that nucleus is got out but for the answer since the nucleus is known as the brain of the cell if it were removed the cell would I almost instantly the nucleus controls all of the cell organelles whether it be the mitochondria into plasmic reticulum ribosomes cytosol or it is the nucleus so if the nucleus where he moved to then since it control all the organised the cell will die and so would the organism it is controlling
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Nucleus is an important component of the living cell. It controls all the metabollic activities of the cell as well as the formation of the cell. It is the brain of the cell and if the nucleus is removed from the cell than the cell won't be able to control all the activities that are to be done.
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no cell parts can be function so they will die
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Nucleus is known to be brain of the cell and if its removed no functioning will take place
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You know that nucleus is the control centre of a cell. If nucleus is removed from a cell the cell will not be able to control all the metabolic process. And it will die instantly. But there is an exception. Mature RBCs and sieve tube cells have no nucleus.
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It will die immediately and we can't remove nucleus from cell
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When the nucleus is not present in the cell. The cell die because nucleus is brain of the cell. It control all the activities of the cell. It contain genetic material and nucleus is most important organelle
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if the nucleus is removed from the cell then there would not be any formation of chromosomes which are rod shape in structure present in the nucleus. And there won't be any division of cells. And there will not be any genes which has DNA and protein molecules. 
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