When a bulb is switched on, it gives out light and heat. Is it a chemical change or a physical change? Why?

This is a physical change because in this process, electric energy is being converted into heat & light energy only .
There is no change in chemical composition in this process.

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I guess it's a physical change because each time electricity flows make the bulb emit light and heat and again flows and in this case there is no change in color, state or anything else so it's a physical change

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It is aphysical change as when electricity is supplied to the bulb, the electrons jump to a higher energy state. When they come back to their level, it emits energy which falls in the visible region of light. The atoms of the filament (Tungsten) aren't going through any change, that changes their chemical properties. Tungsten is still Tungsten!

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it is physical change.when electricity flows the bulb gives out light ad heat if we switch of the the electricity doesnot flow through bulb.so any new item is not formed.then it is a Physical change.


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