which is stronger reducing agent fe2+ or cr2+ and why???

a reducing agent is one, which reduces another substance and in the procces gets oxidised. Fe is stable in the +2 and the +3 oxidation states. But Cr is stable only in the +3 oxidation state. so Cr is the better reducing agent.

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the E cr3+/cr2+ is negative whereas E fe3+/fe2+ is positive. lower the E0 value more stable the oxidation state and hence acts as reducing agent. therefore cr is a stronger reducing agent than fe.

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 but how will we cum to know about e0 values so that so u say ion that

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As cr is stable only in +3 oxidation state cr is more stable than fe and also cr is more stronger oxidising or reducing agent than fe

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cr could extend its oxidation number from +1 to +6........while fe shows it frm +2 to +6.......hence cr  is a better oxidizing agent.......

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NCERT disagrees with all the above answers although im not sure if they're answer is 100% correct. they say Cr2+ is better reducing agent than Fe2+

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Yes cr2+
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All these explanations are wrong. Actually, Cr2+ is a stronger reducing agent, as on oxidation it becomes Cr3+. In Cr3+, three electrons are present in the eg level (Crystal field splitting due to water ligands). Hence, the eg level is half-filled, Cr3+ is extremely stable. But for Fe2+ to Fe3+ the change is to a lesser stable d5 configuration.
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Cr2+ because 3d t2g Configuration is more stable than d5 configuration of Iron
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This is the answer and also the electrode potential value for cr2+ is more than that of fe2+ so it is a stronger reducing agent

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Plzzz.. check...

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