Which of the following statements is not true for halogens
1.all but fluorine shows positive oxidation state
2MI are oxidising agents
3All form monobadic oxyacids
4Chlorine has the highest electron gain enthalpy

Dear student.(1) Fluorine does exibit a positive oxidation state despite its high electronegtivity.. (2) halogens are highly electronegative with low dissociation energies and high negative electron gain enthalpies. Therefore, they have a high tendency to gain an electron. Hence, they act as strong oxidizing agents (3) Chlorine, one of the halogens forms hypochlorous (oxidation state +1), chlorous (oxidation state +3), chloric & perchloric acids. Therefore, yes halogens form monobasic oxyacid. (4). Since fluorine is the most electronegative so it should have the highest electron gain enthalpy among all the halogen but this is an exception and chlorine has highest electron gain enthalpy than fluorine. The reason for this is that the size of fluorine atom is very small So option 1 is incorrect. So ans is 1. Regards

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