which one is true fish

1)jelly fish 2)star fish 3)dog fish 4)silver fish

need urgently

Dog fish is true fish. It has all the characters which a fish has like cartilaginous skeleton, gill slits, fins etc. Other examples don't have such characters so they are not considered as true fish.

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plz tell me fast

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dog fish is the true fish

jelly fish belongs to cnidaria

star fish belongs to echinodermata

silver fish belong to arthropoda

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dogfish is true fishalso known as scolidon. jellyfish is from coelentrerata. star fish is from echinodermata and silver fish is from arthropoda.

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Scoliodon.(sorry i typed wrong spelling )

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Your all friends are correct.

Dog fish is only true fish you can from the given list.

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thanx , but i cant really understand it as all of them are fishes. plz make it more clear .

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