which soil has the highest percolation rate ??  i cannot understand hat is PERCOLATIN RATE ??????

sandy soil has high percolation rate n clayey soil has low percolation rate.Percolation rate is the amount of water flown out or u can say its opposite of absorption i guess.

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Percolation rate is the rate at which water moves through the soil.

The soil will pass rapidly through well drained soil whereas the water will be collected on the soil with poor percolation rate which can be harmful to the plants.

The percolation rate is highest in sandy soil and least in clayey soil.

to know the percolation rate the formulae is : given time/amount of water

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Sandy soil has highest Precolation Rate of water
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sandy soil
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sandy soil is high ls ls like my answer
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The amount of water passing through soil columns with great time. And so as sandy soil has lose packed particles so it has high rate of percolation.
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Percolation rate is the rate at which water seeps through the soil or flows through the soil . Sandy soil has highest percolation rate because it has loose particles . Clayey soil has least percolation rate because its particles are very tightly packed . 
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sandy soil has a high percolation rate
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