who perfomed the blender experiment in regard to certain nature of dna? what was the objective of this experiment ? pls explain the procedure in details

I think you mean to ask the Hershey- Chase experiment.

It was conducted to confirm which molecule serves as the genetic material in cells.

Hershey and Chase Experiment to Confirm DNA as the Genetic Material

  • Hershey and Chase worked on bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria).

  • When a bacteriophage infects a bacterium, the viral genetic material gets attached with the bacterial genetic material and bacteria then treats the viral genetic material as its own to synthesise more viral particles.

  • Hershey and Chase worked to discover whether it was a protein or DNA that entered the bacteria from virus.

  • They labelled some phages with radioactive sulphur and the others with radioactive phosphorus.

  • These radioactive phages were used to infect E. coli.

  • E.coli was then blended and centrifuged to remove viral particles.

  • It was observed that bacteria with radioactive DNA were radioactive while those with radioactive proteins lost their radioactivity.

  • This showed that it is the DNA that enters the bacteria from viruses and not proteins. Hence, it was concluded that DNA is the genetic material.

Also, the experiment is well explained in the video at the link http://cbse.meritnation.com/study-online/study-material/QCbFc4gsNMIjj9H5VIY2DA!!/TtDh5K2dXhtUru3UVX@RSg!! 

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